Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic Substrate 1.5 cu.ft. (PLEASE READ DISCRIPTION)


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Growstones are a hydroponic media created by pulverizing and baking recycled glass with natural additives. Growstone GS-1 is designed to be used in all hydroponic systems and can replace many other mediums like Rockwool, expanded clay, and perlite. Growstones create an effective balance between air and water content, providing plants with all the water they need to grow but also quickly draining and aerating roots when water is withheld. There are countless varieties of hydroponic substrates on the market, but Growstone is the only patented medium with proven field results.

  • A highly effective balance between air and water content at field capacity, meaning high air-filled porosity co-exist with high water holding capacity.
  • Growstones hold 3 times more water and 12% more air than expanded clay.
  • Size: 1.5 cubic feet at 18 lbs.